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Ericsson tips continued surge in online service reliance

09 JUN 2021

Growth in use of digital services spurred by Covid-19 (coronavirus) was tipped by Ericsson to continue in the years to 2025, though the vendor noted consumers would become more vigilant about online privacy and security.

A survey of up to 2,000 consumers across 31 markets, which Ericsson said was representative of the views of 2.3 billion people, pointed to ongoing increases in the number of services used and time spent online.

Ericsson explained the largest consumer study it has conducted indicated users would begin using at least two more online services each day by 2025, continuing a pandemic-related rise in use of remote work, learning, healthcare and grocery shopping offers.

The rising dependence on web-based options will add an average of ten hours to the time consumers spend online each week, the vendor stated.

While 75 per cent of respondents expect broader use of online services to bring greater convenience to their lives, many noted this would also require them to be more conscious of security to ensure this did not adversely impact their privacy.

And it explained many of the benefits of online life will only be delivered if there is an increase in the availability and affordability of connectivity.

It argued urban planning must begin to prioritise such concerns to ensure digital inclusion, which is “paramount to rebuilding resilient, sustainable and equitable societies”.



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