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Ericsson details IoT security automation challenge

11 JUN 2018

INTERVIEW: Bodil Josefsson, Ericsson’s head of IoT security (pictured) explained automation will play a crucial role in protecting networks, but warned many companies remain unprepared for the challenges the approach brings.

Josefsson told Mobile World Live it will be impossible to protect IoT networks spanning “20 billion devices” in a fast and efficient manner without automation, but acknowledged there are challenges with this, due to the new business and technology models needed to support automation.

“Companies are still learning how to do it, who to partner with,” she said in an interview during the recent GSMA M360 Privacy and Security event.

Another important factor is the integrity of data, due to the fact that large volumes will be generated by devices, many of which are simple and, therefore, will only support limited on-board security technology.

Josefsson said: “A lot of the information or decisions that are taken are based on the data that is coming from the devices, and things just happen based on that. That’s why you need to be so sure the data is correct, that it’s not that anyone has tampered with the data.”

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