INTERVIEW: Ericsson joined calls for a rational approach to spectrum licence fees for the 5G era, urging regulators not to sacrifice the long-term potential of the technology for short-term gain.

Erik Ekudden, the vendor’s CTO (pictured), told Mobile World Live governments must prepare an investment climate that enables all parties to profit from the next-generation technology. Key to this are light touch regulations which deliver the necessary spectrum, and give companies the confidence to invest in and deploy 5G kit.

“There is no meaning in having high up-front fees for spectrum when the real value of 5G infrastructure comes down the road in terms of benefitting all of society”, he explained.

In addition to a change in approach to licensing, Ekudden noted 5G is also changing the way Ericsson develops technology: “It’s less about competition”, with the vendor increasingly focused on how it can work with operator customers “with our partners in the ecosystem” to develop new ways of working. “It’s really more of a market, a customer and outside-in perspective.”

Ekudden also discussed the need for beefier security in 5G and Ericsson’s membership of the ORAN Alliance.

Watch the interview here.