The European Commission (EC) identified smart cities, agriculture, manufacturing and healthcare as focus areas for a series of AI and robotics projects earmarked for a total of €200 million in funding.

In a statement, the authority noted four schemes would receive between €40 million and €60 million each over five years, covering sectors deemed high impact.

The funding comes from a central EC pot with individual European Union member states also contributing. It is intended to be used to create world class testing facilities for AI and robotics, and ultimately increase uptake of the technologies in Europe.

Projects covering agriculture, health, industry, and cities and communities kicked off at the start of the year and will provide testing and experimentation facilities for companies using modern AI systems in real world environments.

The EC noted the quartet were “an important part of building the AI ecosystem of excellence and trust to support Europe’s strategic leadership in” the field.

Findings will also contribute to related legislation.

Testing facilities are the latest push by authorities to drive adoption in the region and secure the continent’s position in the nascent sector, which is also being heavily funded by companies and authorities in other parts of the world.