CBS head: “You have to start with good content”

CBS head: “You have to start with good content”

08 JAN 2015

LIVE FROM CES 2015: Leslie Moonves, president and CEO of broadcast giant CBS, used his keynote presentation to underline the fact that while media consumption models are changing, “you still have to tell good stories”.

“We developed a phrase at CBS, which we’ve used before, which is ‘wireless is useless if you are hitless.’ Meaning if your content is no good, I don’t care how you deliver it. You still have to start with good content,” he said.

This week’s event has seen a number of operators, content providers and vendors discussing how changing media consumption habits have impacted their businesses. Moonves noted that technology changes have impacted content production, and “different forms of content are now working, shorter forms of content are now working”.

“For many years, technology and content were at war. There wasn’t a common language, there wasn’t a common goal, now that’s all changed drastically, where technology and the content providers are working so closely, hand-in-hand, it’s really remarkable,” he said.


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