BT Group sketched out a new campaign designed to boost its enterprise division, pledging to invest £100 million and put a focus on innovation, cybersecurity, service improvements and widening sustainability efforts.

At an event at its headquarters, BT presented a charter tailored to its 1.2 million UK business and public sector customers, aimed at accelerating enterprise initiatives and boosting growth.

A related advertising campaign tagged BT Means Business will go live on 20 May.

The push comes a few weeks after the company confirmed mobile brand EE would become its flagship offering for the consumer market going forward, while the BT name would remain for its Enterprise and Global units.

“This is BT Enterprise’s coming out party after separating from the EE brand,” PP Foresight analyst Paolo Pescatore said during the event.

“The unit is making decisive moves to reignite the business division.”

The major headline announcement was a commitment to plough £100 million over the next three years into its Division X unit, which sits within Enterprise. The cash will go towards integrating technologies including 5G, IoT, edge compute, cloud and AI within enterprises.

BT Enterprise CEO Rob Shuter appeared by hologram (pictured), explaining it was a “struggle” for businesses to take these technology building blocks and turn them into a solution, and Division X aimed to address this.

Shuter said the vision for the charter was underpinned by four key pillars, also shaped by customer demands.

The first is a focus on innovation to fast track BT’s work across the UK. Second, moving its expertise in areas including security into the “digital fast lane”.

Shuter said the company had 3,000 cybersecurity professionals across the world, and in the last 12 months more than 80 per cent of its customers had dealt with a security incident.

Thirdly, Shuter said BT was particularly keen to create an environment whereby it was easy to do business with the group, tackling a current situation where customers had stated it was sometimes difficult to sort out issues.

Finally, BT is focusing on purpose-driven activities by providing free digital skills training to smaller companies, removing single use plastics in its products and developing a carbon measurement tool.

At the event, BT was keen to showcase some of its enterprise solutions, holding demonstrations of robotics, its data exchange platform for smart cities, work in AR for retail and an e-health initiative with the NHS.