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BT hits accelerator on AI

03 OCT 2022

BT Group continued a push on use of AI and machine learning (ML) in its operations, unveiling an internal platform it claims will eventually slash the time taken to deploy new use cases to less than a week.

Its AI Accelerator was developed by BT’s Digital unit as part of a drive to improve the use of its mass of data to create internal efficiencies across its operations, alongside developments designed to improve customer experience.

BT noted the platform would orchestrate and monitor AI model deployments, and “drastically reduce” administrative and technical processes in moving new systems from prototype to deployment. It will also assess new use cases against company policies covering data privacy, security and ethics.

The operator expects to be able to cut deployment time for new AI use cases from six months to six days once the platform is up to full speed, expected by March 2023.

Among the example use cases cited are improvements to churn models and the testing of app personalisation features.

BT Group MD for data and AI Adrian Joseph noted the accelerator will provide “a path to more rapid value with clear oversight of AI use case parameters and performance”.

The unveiling of its AI accelerator is the BT’s latest in an attempt to push the use of AI across its operation and follows a five year deal with Google Cloud to improve its abilities in this area.



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