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BT cautions operators over 5G role at healthcare demo

20 JUN 2019

BT 5G expert Fotis Karonis warned the technology brings with it great responsibility for operators in terms of ensuring robust security, and delivering on the promised reliability and efficiency.

While 5G is expected to form the core of future enterprise and society, Karonis, BT’s 5G executive adviser and CTIO of its Enterprise division (pictured, centre), told Mobile World Live security was a vital part of the equation, noting IoT and massive connectivity brought “challenges and pressures from multiple areas of the network”.

“5G comes with a sense of responsibility for reliability, efficiency and security,” he added, stating BT still needed to define its wider role and address some of the challenges brought by the new network technology.

“There are questions we need to address as BT: does our model evolve and what is our role in society? I think collaboration will play a key role with 5G.”

Healthy prospects
The executive was speaking at a showcase of 5G healthcare technology at the UK’s University Hospitals Birmingham.

Among the demonstrations at the event was a mocked-up ambulance able to transmit instant footage of an ultrasound directly to experts at the hospital. Clinicians are then able to remotely assess the patient and control a haptic glove worn by paramedics on the road.

These types of use cases, experts at BT and the hospital argue, will ensure faster diagnosis of patients and ensure people are able to be seen by the correct professionals on arrival at the hospital.

University Hospitals Birmingham CIO Tim Jones said: “We are immensely excited about the potential of 5G to support transformation in healthcare.”

“Our clinicians will in the future be able to deliver holistic specialist advice in real time, potentially forming virtual multi-disciplinary teams to provide the best patient care using intelligent IT links. Information would be accessible at the point of need, ensuring informed decision-making leading to improved patient safety, quality of care and patient-clinician experience.”

Demonstrations and test cases for connected healthcare technology are part of the UK’s West Midlands’ 5G test bed, run by organisation WM5G.



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