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Turner CTO believes app platform key to mobile strategy

18 NOV 2016

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jeremy Legg, CTO of Turner Broadcasting, believes major media companies need to have an application development platform to make sense of the many brands and apps they produce.

This will mean all the apps they create can leverage a single code base while giving users a differentiated experience, “because one app experience can’t be the same as another”.

Broadcasting companies such as Turner – with brands like Boomerang and CNN – are not the same as Netflix or Hulu, where all content is consumed via a single app, he explained.

AR/VR potential
Speaking to Mobile World Live, he also said that while the future of augmented reality is not clear yet, gaming will determine “an awful lot” about how people want to consume virtual reality (VR).

Turner’s VR efforts are focused on sports, such as providing consumers with front row seats to NBA games and further developing its live gaming feature where users can participate in the action.

He also spoke about the importance of personalisation when offering content on mobile devices, and why he believes not everyone will cancel their cable subscription in favour of mobile.

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