AlcaLu beefs up support for digital boom with Accenture partnership

AlcaLu beefs up support for digital boom with Accenture partnership

30 SEP 2014

Equipment supplier Alcatel-Lucent and technology consultancy Accenture have teamed up to help operators and large enterprises cope better with rising costs and increased data consumption caused by high demand from customers and applications.

The initial offerings of a newly-formed Accenture Alcatel-Lucent Business Group will include “cost-effective customer care operations for all-IP networks that will enhance mobile broadband accessibility and improve digital customers’ experiences”.

The two companies say they will also dedicate sales and “delivery resources” to jointly provide customer care for mobile devices based on Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive line of products. They also commit to exploring small cell wireless network solutions with an emphasis on integrating cellular technology and WiFi between service providers and large enterprises.

The Accenture Alcatel-Lucent Business Group is to focus on kit developed by the Franco-US supplier, while Accenture will be Alcatel-Lucent’s preferred supplier for software and network integration services. Alcatel-Lucent will also be a preferred technology provider for Accenture’s customer care and small cell solutions needs.

“Consumers and businesses expect any network they are on to provide sophisticated services that support multiple devices, combined with fast, reliable access,” said Michel Combes (pictured), Alcatel-Lucent’s chief executive. “Our collaboration with Accenture is strategic to our growth as we work to enable our clients to deliver on those expectations.”


Ken Wieland

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