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5G, tech are future of cities – The Hague deputy mayor

13 APR 2018

INTERVIEW: The municipality of The Hague is bringing together governments and tech companies to work together on 5G, smart cities and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, with the belief that “the future of the world is technology”.

Speaking to Mobile World Live, deputy mayor Saskia Bruines (pictured) said The Hague is leading the way in the country when it comes to smart cities, creating innovative solutions for issues including air pollution and traffic congestion.

The Netherlands has a National Smart City Strategy in which The Hague along with Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven are participating.

Bruines said The Hague, specialising in the privacy and security aspect of the strategy, wants to create solutions that all citizens can use and hopes other cities will take its lead.

She also stated the city wants to start working with 5G tech “very soon” because it will bring about opportunities “that are so very big it will change life for everyone”.

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