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OnePlus passes $1B sales milestone

15 JAN 2018

China-based device vendor OnePlus was reported to have topped $1 billion in sales in 2017, with the company also turning a profit during the year.

The comments come as the company looks to take on rivals “by tying up with mobile networks in the US and Europe”, The Telegraph reported, citing OnePlus chief executive Pete Lau. So far, OnePlus has largely built its position with direct-to-consumer sales.

Lau said the company had been able to achieve good margins by focusing only on the high-end of the market.

The decision to talk sales comes as OnePlus looks to be more transparent with customers: “If a company isn’t healthy, consumers will think twice about buying a product from them,” Lau told The Telegraph.

With some questions about the position of Chinese vendors in the US, following Huawei’s failure to ink an expected deal with AT&T and a move by congressman Mike Conaway to ban use of China-made equipment, Lau said OnePlus was in talks with “a few of the carriers” and is using its “product to earn their trust”.


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