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Meizu holeless phone campaign falls flat

06 MAR 2019

A crowdfunding campaign by Meizu for its Zero holeless phone failed to reach its target, with the manufacturer apparently claiming it was primarily a marketing effort in the first place.

The Chinese company started touting Zero earlier this year, with the device using wireless data charging and transmission, eSIM and virtual buttons to deliver a body without any ports or holes in the body. It was not alone, with rival Vivo also showcasing something similar, although it described its device as a concept.

In February, Meizu launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $100,000 to bring the device to market. It closed with just $46,000 raised, which means it will get none of the cash having failed to reach its target.

On Meizu’s Chinese support forums, a poster who is reported to be CEO Jack Wong said the crowdfunding campaign had been “carried out by the marketing department”, and that it “never intended to mass-produce this project”.

He did not clarify what would have happened if Meizu had actually hit the $100,000 goal.

South China Morning Post, which used a prototype, stated Meizu had manufactured a dozen units as part of its development work. And its finding was that, in many cases, the innovations are “simply unpolished and need improving before being practical”.



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