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Doro drops latest feature phones for older users

20 APR 2022

Older phone users gained a trio of fresh 4G-compatible options from specialist manufacturer Doro, with a range of traditional form-factors along with the vendor’s line-up of tailored features.

Doro opted for a candy-bar form-factor for its 5860 device, with a clamshell body for its 6820 and 6880 models.

All are feature phones providing functions designed for older users including compatibility with hearing aids, adjustable fonts, simplified menus, large keys, and shortcut buttons for camera and messaging.

Doro’s latest devices feature HD voice technology to “provide users with enhanced sound and call quality”, along with the vendor’s emergency contact button which alerts a selected person if the user requires urgent assistance.

The Doro 5860 features a 2.4-inch main display, with the 6820 and 6880 sporting 2.8-inch units: the latter also offers an external screen offering clock and caller-ID functions.

Doro is offering the devices on its Amazon UK store, with the 5860 priced £69.99, 6820 £84.99 and 6880 £98.99. The vendor stated availability through additional retailers and major networks is in the pipeline.



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