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India ranks as most pricey iPhone X market in Asia

23 NOV 2017

Research by Mobile World Live (MWL) found the price of Apple’s iPhone X, launched in early November, varies by as much as $400 between the various Asian countries where it is available.

Surprisingly, Japan features the lowest price for the iPhone X (64GB and 256GB versions) and iPhone 8, while India features the highest prices by a comfortable margin. The iPhone X 64GB is listed on Apple’s Japanese website for $1,006 compared with $1,370 in India (see chart below, click to enlarge). The price gap for the 256GB version is even larger – just over $400.

Prices in China and South Korea are nearly the same ($1,265 and $1,280 respectively for the iPhone X 64GB model), making them the next most expensive markets in Asia Pacific.

The high price doesn’t seem to be deterring buyers in South Korea. SK Telecom said this week its stocks of the iPhone X from Apple sold out within a few minutes, Yonhap News Agency reported.

Another surprise is Thailand ranks as the fourth most-costly of nine markets with the two X iPhone models costing $226 to $256 more than in Japan.

Hong Kong is the second least expensive place to buy the new models, at about $100 more than in Japan for both iPhone X versions. Compared with China, the most expensive iPhone X model in Hong Kong is $182 lower. Such discounts are the reason Apple tightened its product return policy in an attempt to stem the illegal trade of iPhones from the territory into the mainland.

Taiwan and Australia also have very similar pricing (a difference of no more than $16) for the two iPhone X models. Singapore was right in the middle of the rankings with the two smartphones priced $1,214 and $1,391 respectively.

Apple’s websites in Indonesia and Vietnam have links to tech specs for the iPhone X but no pricing details.

The iPhone X 64GB edition is available in the US for $999.


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