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Verizon integrates BlueJeans with Apple Health

12 AUG 2021

Verizon integrated its BlueJeans Telehealth app with Apple Health, a further sign the medical market is a primary growth vector for the operator’s videoconferencing business.

In a statement, Verizon explained patients will be able to securely share information including heart rate and sleep patterns collected by their iPhones or Apple Watch devices with healthcare providers.

Verizon explained it aimed to replicate in-person consultations as closely as possible.

BlueJeans Telehealth collects and displays patient-entered symptom data.

The service is available to healthcare providers even if they are not Verizon subscribers.

Verizon cited McKinsey research revealing use of telehealth services was 38-times higher by July than before the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, with an estimated 13 per cent to 17 per cent of all physician consultations handled virtually.

The operator previously integrated BlueJeans Telehealth with Epic Systems, the largest manager of electronic health records (EHR) in the US, with Apple moving to integrate its service with the nation’s second-largest provider, Cerner, alongside a handful of smaller outfits.



Martha DeGrasse

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