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Mighty Networks head hails niche business impact

12 OCT 2017

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The CEO of Mighty Networks, a social network with a twist, claims the start-up can be a success by helping businesses bring together people who are passionate about a particular topic such as hairdressing or education.

“Mighty Networks is the perfect solution for people who want to have their target market interacting and building relationships with each other” Gina Bianchini (pictured) said, adding the company is “phenomenal for when people have a specific market that they serve,” and can help small businesses “create their own network effects”.

The company offers a subscription service and charges businesses “to be able to have an end-to-end experience where they can brand a network themselves, they can grow the network through viral growth and invitations and sharing and SEO, drive engagement of their members and then monetise their network as well.”

Bianchini argued Mighty Networks is the only digital operating system where customers “can spin up their own iOS, Android and web apps all within a few days.”

“We allow you to have a branded app literally in a matter of days that is a fully featured social network which is designed with growth, engagement and monetisation all in one place.”

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Interview: Mighty Networks


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