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Google dismisses Italy claims of market position abuse

13 MAY 2021

Google told Mobile World Live (MWL) it would review options available to address a €102 million fine imposed by Italy’s competition regulator, which argued the company had abused its market position relating to its Play Store and Android OS.

The company was responding to an AGCM fine issued today (13 May) after it ruled Google prevented energy services provider Enel X Italia from developing a version of its JuicePass electric vehicle charging station navigation app for Google’s Android Auto platform.

AGCM argued Google “unfairly limited the possibilities” for users to access JuicePass, explaining it had been shut out of Android Auto for more than two years while the search giant “favoured” its own navigation service, Google Maps.

The competition authority also issued a cease and desist order to Google and called on it to include more apps in Android Auto.

Dismissing AGCM’s claims, Google told MWL it had “strict guidelines” for the types of apps supported by Android Auto, based on “driver-distraction tests and regulatory and industry standards”.

Highlighting there were already “thousands of applications” compatible with its platform, the company said Enel X Italia has the possibility to integrate its app into Android Auto for navigation and booking functionalities.



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