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Apple, Tencent resolve WeChat tipping dispute

16 JAN 2018

A feature allowing users to give monetary gifts (tips) to content creators on Tencent’s WeChat is set to return after being disabled in 2017 due to concerns by Apple, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

The iOS maker said the tips came under the category of in-app purchases and wanted a 30 per cent cut of the money transferred. Tencent disagreed with the demand, maintaining it did not receive any revenue from the payments.

At a developers’ conference in Guangzhou, China, this week, WeChat creator Allen Zhang said the parties had come to a mutual agreement and the feature would resume, WSJ reported.

While it is unclear if Apple will end up charging a fee on the payments, the company does make exceptions regarding taking a cut of transfers when users gift money to each other. However, according to its rules Tencent’s tipping feature is not a gift.

This is not the first time Apple became embroiled in disputes in China based around apps. In 2017, the company bowed to pressure from China’s internet regulator regarding the removal of some VPN applications.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently expressed confidence these apps would be reintroduced.


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