Facebook is testing an in-app keyword search engine

Facebook tests in-app keyword search engine

11 MAY 2015

Facebook is testing out an ‘Add a Link’ option that lets users look for a website or article that they want to share within its app, rather than having to search for and copy and paste a link from another source.

According to TechCrunch, a small group of iOS users in the US are already able to do this and Facebook has confirmed that it is “piloting a new way to add a link that’s been shared to your posts and comments.”

This means users will not have to search on a search engine like Google to find a link and it will be easier for Facebook to put ads next to content being shared.

It will also be able to collect even more data on its users such as what kind of news and publications they are interested in.

What’s more, the company has indexed more than a trillion posts to let people search for links that have been shared with them.

Facebook is also reportedly talking to publishers to display their content directly in the app instead of users having to leave the app to access them, in return for splitting ad revenue with them.

Both initiatives seemed to be aimed at keeping users from leaving the app.

Last week, Facebook extended its deep linking capabilities to also include mobile app install ads, so developers or marketers using Facebook can send users directly to information they are interested in when they open an app for the first time.


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