Barclays mulls mobile service

Exclusive: Barclays may launch mobile service

19 MAR 2013

UK retail bank Barclays is considering launching a mobile phone service, according to a customer survey seen by Mobile World Live.

The survey, used to sound out reaction among account holders about a potential launch, promises a mobile package that can be combined with the bank’s core services.

Beyond the core offering of voice, text and data, the Barclays’ mobile account could be integrated with its existing online banking services, enabling a subscriber to monitor their family’s usage online or through the Barclays mobile banking app.

In addition, the survey asks users to choose those features that are most interesting in a mobile service, including pay-for-what-you-use billing; payment and security features embedded in their phone; transparent device financing and enhanced banking customer service.

The Barclays’ package also promises a single tariff for the multiple handsets held by a single family and rolling one-month contracts.

The bank could be planning to offer such a service as an MVNO. Other leading UK brands have taken a similar route, most famously Virgin Mobile but also leading retailer Tesco.

Barclays is already active in mobile banking and payment services. It launched three new mobile money services during 2012, including its mobile banking app and a P2P money transfer service called Pingit.

In addition, Barclaycard joined forces with Orange to launch a NFC-based mobile payments called Quick Tap in May 2011.

“Are you ready for a new kind of mobile network?” asks the Barclays customer survey. “We are thinking about launching a mobile network to make your life easier”, it continues.

Mobile World Live contacted Barclays for more detail but has not yet received further information.


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