Challenger manufacturer Honor teased its keynote at next month’s IFA consumer electronics event in Berlin, dropping heavy hints it will mark the European launch of its latest foldable handset.

The company began a social media campaign and released a statement promoting its session billed ‘unfold tomorrow,’ which will be held at IFA Berlin on 1 September.

Honor noted its presentation would have a relation to the fashion industry, though also featured a silhouette of a foldable device and used the hashtag for its Magic V2 folding smartphone, which launched in China in July 2023.

It also noted the company would present a pair of foldable handsets at the event’s exhibition though did not provide further details.

“Since the inception of foldable smartphones, the voyage of smartphone evolution has been amazing to see,” the company added in its marketing material. “It’s time for foldable smartphones to step into the limelight.”

At its IFA session last year, the company’s CEO George Zhao revealed plans to push its foldable range to Europe for the first time.

Honor views the new form factor as having significant potential, with Zhao predicting it could become mainstream and eventually usurp current designs during a session at MWC Shanghai 2023.