Mobile banking player Revolut launched an eSIM service for its UK customers offering data roaming in more than 100 countries, claiming the move would save users from alleged extortionate charges.

Its standard customers with a compatible handset will be able to get a 100MB allowance as an introductory offer, while those paying for its top tier of bank account will get a 3GB per month allowance as part of that fee.

The company is currently advertising the premium account and associated perks at £540 a year as an introductory rate. Standard users will have to pay for top-ups to use data roaming after the initial offer expires.  

Revolut noted UK consumers had experienced a rise in the price of roaming in recent years, citing the reintroduction of charges for many within the European Union and costs in the rest of the world being “almost always outside the standard” mobile contract benefits

Its service only provides data connectivity and uses 1Global’s eSIM platform, a service formerly branded Truphone.

Revolut asserted the offer means “customers no longer have to worry about extortionate roaming charges”.

PP Foresight founder Paolo Pescatore claimed the move “should kick-start the eSIM market”, adding the strategy appears “ingenious” and could potentially “further break down the boundaries of banking”, particularly for people who do not want to use mobile data when roaming.

“Others will be looking closely at this move which will accelerate awareness and adoption of eSIM.”