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eSIM: A Buyer’s Guide for Enterprise

In its 2022 Mobile Economy Report, GSMA Intelligence forecasts there will be more than 4 billion cellular IoT connections by 2025 compared to 2 billion in 2021, with a great proportion of these being used by industry.

In this era of truly connected enterprise, only eSIM technology can deliver truly global, future-proof, reliable, and programmable connectivity to these devices.

However, many organizations don’t know where to begin with eSIM and, if they select the wrong connectivity solution, they may end up stuck with disparate platforms that provide little more than an embedded version of a standard SIM card. Although this will provide some device design benefits, it will fail to take full advantage of the unique abilities of programmable eSIM.

This buyer’s guide outlines how to tell the difference between various eSIM solutions in the market, as well as all the basics a business needs to know before taking a technological leap into eSIM.

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