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Ericsson Case Study: 5G and IoT industry digitalization business models

5G and IoT industry digitalization business models – realize the revenue potential

In today’s world, communication service providers are facing several challenges. The overall mobile service revenue growth has flattened out and is expected to increase by only 1.5 percent annually from 2016 to 2026 globally. While this offers a steady and large revenue stream, the growth of the traditional revenues is slim compared to 5G-enabled revenue growth opportunities in 5G based industry digitalization and IoT.

To address this Ericsson has analyzed more than 400 industry digitalization use cases across 10 industry verticals. Using 5G-IoT technologies helps solve many of the key challenges in digitalization for industries. By creating and enhancing industry digitalization use cases, operators can address additional revenue streams.

Execution challenges were also studied and how to group industrial 5G and IoT use cases according to go-to-market challenges and deployment requirements, creating 9, industry horizontal, use case clusters. The analysis also includes real-life case studies of CSPs that have deployed IoT offerings with successful monetization and business models.

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