EC report: Telecoms industry sees revenue decline but investment growth

EC report: Telecoms industry sees revenue decline but investment growth

22 JUL 2014

Revenue in the telecoms industry continued to fall but the investment picture is rosier, according to a European Commission report.

The figures, which cover 2012, show revenue of €324 billion, which is down 3.3 per cent from €335 billion the previous year.

In contrast, the US experienced a 5 per cent revenue growth while Japan was barely in credit (0.1 per cent). Global growth was 4.2 per cent.

Revenue growth varied across the EU. The best news was in Luxembourg, Romania, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic and Finland. All the other member states showed a decline, particularly strongly in Latvia, Portugal, Netherlands and Spain.

However, Europe’s investment figure edged up to €42 billion from €41.5 billion in 2011, a more optimistic sign.

Again there was variation between member states. Investment was particularly strong in Ireland, UK, Cyprus and Estonia and weakest in Latvia, Bulgaria, Greece and Malta.

The report also noted that over the last decade mobile ARPU has gradually increased in the US while declining in the EU.

The price per unit is higher in Europe, said the report, but consumption is much greater in the States, said the commission, explaining that trend.


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