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Doodle Draw becomes Facebook Messenger’s first game

11 JUN 2015

The first game has been added to Facebook’s Messenger platform, called Doodle Draw and available for iOS and Android users, TechCrunch reported.

The game is apparently similar to Draw Something, a popular title where users guess what their opponents have drawn, the maker of which was acquired by Zynga in 2012.

It has been suggested that there is the potential for the app to be monetised via in-app purchases, generating revenue for developer Clay.

As for Facebook, it would appear it wants to focus on driving engagement and creating an ecosystem where messaging and games go hand-in-hand, rather than generating revenue.

The report cautions that Facebook must ensure games do not become “spammy” by sending friends incessant invitations, something that became a problem with Facebook’s desktop games in the early years.

According to the social media giant, “We think Messenger Platform is best suited for apps that focus on content creation and curated content. But one of the reasons we were excited to announce at F8 that Messenger Platform is open to all developers is to see what people build. From there, we’ll think about what else might make sense.”

Facebook is also updating Messenger’s location sharing feature so that users can “send a map of their location or another particular place as a separate message”.


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