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Xiaomi hit by more growing pains

21 MAR 2016

Xiaomi is reported to have delayed a product launch which would see it move into a new product category, as it separately ran into problems in Africa.

According to DigiTimes, the company will delay the launch of its first notebook computer into the second quarter of 2016, as it looks to “fine tune” its strategy. It will also launch a single Windows 10-powered, 12.5-inch screen device, rather than two models as originally planned.

The extra time will also allow Xiaomi to establish retail and aftersales capabilities.

In Nigeria, Xiaomi and its distributors have been on the receiving end of an injunction from “the first African mobile devices brand”, Mi-Fone.

The African player said that it is “holder of the Mi registered trademarks in Nigeria and across Africa”, bringing it into conflict with Xiaomi, which uses the Mi name for its products.

Alpesh Patel, founder of Mi-Fone, said: “One should always do proper research before entering new markets.”

After a period of strong growth – when it appeared Xiaomi could do no wrong – the company is now facing more challenges as it looks to diversify its business geographically and across product categories.

Its arrival into the Indian market, for example, was met with a patent complaint from Ericsson.

And this comes against a backdrop of concern about slowed growth in the company’s home market, where the lion’s share of its device shipments come from.


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