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Xiaomi hints at Brazil breakthrough

04 AUG 2014

Fast-growing Chinese device maker Xiaomi looks close to overcoming entry barriers into Brazil, if this not-so-cryptic tweet is anything to go by: “Where in the world do you think we’re going to next? Hint #1, this place is well known for its coffee beans!”

The ambitious Chinese vendor, which recently launched products in India, has been forced to delay launch of its Mi3 smartphone in Brazil (as well as Indonesia) due to device certification issues, earlier reports said.

Hugo Barra – Xiaomi’s vice president for global operations – said recently that it could take up to twelve months to complete the necessary paperwork in the South American country.

If Xiaomi has managed to find a way to cut through the red tape, however, it will be a boost for the Chinese firm. The device maker has long coveted Brazil as a big growth opportunity.

“Without a doubt, India and probably Brazil will become our biggest markets to focus on after China,” said Barra.

Last week Xiaomi unveiled its latest high-end smartphone, Mi 4, describing it as the “fastest Mi phone ever”.


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