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Xiaomi claims smartphone cooling breakthrough

05 NOV 2021

China-based device maker Xiaomi revealed what it called a major breakthrough in cooling technology for smartphones, with plans to introduce its Loop LiquidCool system into handsets in the second half of 2022.

In a statement, the vendor said the heat dissipation technology, inspired by techniques used in the aerospace industry, separates hot air and cooling liquid circulations, while preventing backwards heat flow.

Compared with conventional vapor chambers (VC) options, it said the technology has twice the cooling capability, making it the most efficient smartphone cooling system available.

During a 30-minute gaming test using a custom Xiaomi Mix 4 handset, with the original VC replaced with the Loop LiquidCool module, the company said the device temperature remained below the max level of 47.7℃ and the processor was 8.6℃ lower than the standard cooling system.

The company explained that although the next-generation system uses the same method as CV liquid cooling, the new form factor delivers a significant improvement in efficiency.

The statement went on to say as conventional VC systems do not have separate channels for gases and liquids, hot gas and cool liquids mix and obstruct each other, especially under high workloads. “A ring-shaped pump features a special gas pipe design, which reduces air passage resistance by 30 per cent. By allowing for a smoother steam flow, the maximum heat transfer capacity is increased by up to 100 per cent.”

In September Xiaomi introduced the mid-range 11T Pro smartphone featuring technology able to fully charge the device within 17 minutes.



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