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Xfinity Mobile expands BYOD list to Samsung

17 JUL 2019

US cable operator Comcast stepped up its mobile play by adding a range of Samsung smartphones to a list of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) options on its Xfinity Mobile service.

While the operator billed the move as part of a broader addition of Android devices to its ranks, the offer currently only covers Samsung’s Galaxy S9, S8, Note 9 and Note 8 ranges. Comcast said it “expects to be able to activate additional” devices using the Google platform later in the year.

AndroidCentral noted the play is significant because Xfinity Mobile previously only accepted Apple’s iPhone 6 and above as part of the BYOD scheme.

Billy Stephens, SVP of wireless devices at Xfinity Mobile, stated the expansion opens more possibilities for consumers at a time when they are “holding onto their phones longer”.

As an incentive for Samsung owners to switch, the company is offering a $100 prepaid card to those signing up between 16 July and 4 August. It noted consumers with devices not qualifying for the offer may be able to trade their units for a gift card to lower the cost of purchasing a new handset.



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