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Viveport game developers gain Oculus option

17 AUG 2018

HTC Vive announced games developed for rival Oculus’ VR headset are being made available on its Viveport service, in a move designed to boost the potential audience for VR titles.

In a blog, HTC Vive said its Viveport subscription service is already being made available to developers, enabling them to offer Oculus Rift compatibility. Consumers are set to gain access to the games from 4 September.

Rikard Steiber, president of Viveport, said the move will double the potential audience of games developed for HTC’s Vive and Vive Pro headsets.

The company said its catalogue of VR games stands at close to 500 titles. While TechRadar noted a requirement for developers to opt-into the programme means the range of games compatible with the Oculus Rift is likely to be well below that figure at launch, HTC Vive said many existing games are already compatible with both platforms.

“Viveport continues to offer the most opportunities for developers to monetise their VR content,” Steiber said, adding: “From Viveport and Viveport subscription, to availability on Amazon and in Viveport Arcade, we’re going to continue to expand and reach the largest global audience possible on developers’ behalf.”

The Viveport subscription service offers consumers a free 14-day trial of up to five games, which they can then choose to purchase for a “low monthly price” of $8.99.



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