Vendors queuing to launch Ubuntu smartphones – Shuttleworth

Vendors queuing to launch Ubuntu smartphones – Shuttleworth

01 APR 2015

There is a “queue of vendors” looking to launch Ubuntu-powered devices, following the launch of the first commercial smartphone by vendor BQ last month, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, told Mobile World Live.

“The pitch there is first a fresh experience that’s not as dominated by apps, it’s much more focused on information at your fingertips, much more lightweight access, classy access to all the goodness that you’ll find in a range of services that are essentially web services,” he continued.

Following the launch of the BQ device, Shuttleworth said that “we’ve been delighted with the commentary, the coverage, the enthusiastic adoption”.

“The early devices are for fans only, but we now see a steady pull of demand into interesting markets for this new phone experience,” he said.

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