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Teracube pitches handsets for children

06 DEC 2022

Sustainable device maker Teracube argued children needed greater protection when using smartphones as it pitched its new handset Thrive, a device it deemed ideal for the task.

Teracube, known for its biodegradable smartphones and ethical approaches, detailed it Thrive was designed to offer parental safeguards, with security software which prevents spam and cyberattacks.

The device runs Android OS and employs an app enabling parents to set time limits and keep tabs on their children’s online usage.

“Thrive allows parents to modify and create custom settings to meet their child’s evolving needs, making it the only phone their child will need”, Teracube founder Sharad Mittal stated.

The smartphone also comes with protection against spammers by allowing only calls and messages from approved contacts, alongside a web browser Teracube stated provides filters to block inappropriate content.

Additionally, the device boasts an octa-core processor, 6.1-inch HD+ IPS display, 64GB of storage, SD card compatibility, dual camera and a 4000mAh replaceable battery.

Thrive can be purchased in its local US market for a limited-time price of $149 when bundled with a Teracube Wireless plan, or $199 on other operators’ networks.



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