Tag Heuer ups smartwatch production

Tag Heuer ups smartwatch production

07 DEC 2015

Watchmaker Tag Heuer is set to up production of its recently released Connected smartwatch, as a result of demand from retailers and agents.

“Considering the success of this single and unique watch, we will develop a collection made out of different varieties, executions and materials at the end of next year or beginning of 2017,” Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Tag Heuer, told Bloomberg.

According to the report, the company is also suspending online sales of the current device, in order to prioritise supplies to retail stores, which TechCrunch “attests to the true market for the watch: folks who still buy watches at retailers”.

With the company set to increase production from 1,200 units per week to 2,000 units, or 26,000 per quarter, Tag Heuer is not set to worry bigger rivals such as Apple.

But the move does indicate that there is the potential for premium smartwatches – as long as they come with the correct badge, through the correct channel.

Tag Heuer Connected, which has a price tag of £1,100, results from the company’s technology partnership with Intel.


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