Speculation grows for next Android-powered BlackBerry

Speculation grows for next Android-powered BlackBerry

18 NOV 2015

BlackBerry is reported to be readying its next Android-powered device, which will see the adoption of the company’s traditional keypad – and making its BlackBerry 10 efforts look even less sustainable.

According to reports, the current Priv slider device (pictured) will be followed by a smartphone codenamed Vienna, which features a keypad under the screen, similar to previous BlackBerry devices. While this has impacted its size and design, it may improve the appeal of BlackBerry’s Android efforts for die-hard BlackBerry users.

But with its Android line gaining the key design features of its BlackBerry 10 portfolio, the reason for the existence of the latter becomes less apparent. While the company has said it remains committed to its own platform, no new devices are expected using it in the near future.

While a new release of BlackBerry 10 is scheduled for early next year, it makes little sense for the company to continue supporting its development if its device focus has shifted to Android – and BlackBerry has made a lot of effort to cut its coat according to its cloth in recent years.


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