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Snap stuck with spare Spectacles

25 OCT 2017

Snap has “hundreds of thousands” of Spectacles sitting in the warehouse, as demand for the device failed to meet its ability to supply, The Information said.

Evan Spiegel, the Snapchat developer’s CEO, recently said 150,000 devices had been sold, a rate which hardly points to a stellar success. The company initially tightly controlled availability to create a buzz, but then failed to generate momentum when products became widely available.

The Information also said a potential Snap acquisition of drone company Zero Zero Robotics had fallen through. The company makes a consumer drone with a camera, fitting in with Snap’s vision of itself as a “camera company”.

While the hardware struggles are unlikely to have a material impact on Snap in the short term, Spiegel previously said hardware will be “an important vehicle for delivering our customer experience maybe in a decade”. As such, the work it does now will be important groundwork for its future direction.


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