Silent Circle chief scientist talks up Blackphone's credentials

Silent Circle chief scientist talks up Blackphone’s credentials

05 AUG 2015

VIDEO INTERVIEW: When it comes to enterprise mobility, “it’s not only the product itself, but it’s the name and the confidence of who is building it” that is key to success, said Javier Aguera, chief scientist with Blackphone maker Silent Circle.

With the second-generation Blackphone set for launch later this year – no specific details of a timeline have been given beyond “the second half of 2015,” although a source close to the firm told Mobile World Live it could be September – the company finds itself up against some tough and established competitors.

But former Geeksphone founder Aguera said that the presence among its ranks of Phil Zimmermann, creator of PGP email encryption and the Zfone/ZRTP secure VoIP technology, and Jon Callas, who has co-authored a number of security systems, sets it apart.

“When you are going to government, you are going to enterprises, that matters as much as the product itself, because they need to be confident that the people that build it build it with the right purpose,” he said.

As with enterprise-oriented rivals such as BlackBerry, Silent Circle also supports devices powered by other platforms. “If you are a big enterprise you have a hundred thousand employees that already have iPhones and other Android devices. We cannot expect them to change their whole infrastructure in one day,” he said.

To this end, it offers its Silent Suite applications, which deliver secure calls, video chats, texts, file transfers and contact storage.

Watch the full interview here.


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