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Samsung working on Galaxy S10 fingerprint fix

17 OCT 2019

Samsung pledged to correct a glitch in its flagship Galaxy S10 which enabled anyone to unlock the device using the fingerprint scanner, regardless of whether they had first stored their fingerprint, BBC News reported.

The vendor told the news outlet it was aware of the problem and would release a software patch to correct it “soon”. BBC News explained the flaw had been discovered by a married couple in the UK, and appeared to be related to their use of a protective cover.

Pocket-lint advised readers to employ the devices’ other security features until the patch is issued. It reported the flaw had already prompted South Korean online bank Kakao Bank to tell customers not to use the biometric authentication feature when logging on to its services.

Both news services cited the low-cost, gel protective cover placed on the couple’s device as a factor in bringing the flaw to the fore.

BBC News explained such covers cause problems with the technology used to scan fingerprints, resulting in the couple each being able to unlock the device despite only one of them having registered a single thumb print.



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