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Samsung tight-lipped on Galaxy Fold rollout

07 MAY 2019

Samsung cannot confirm the shipping date for its Galaxy Fold device to US customers, with the possibility it may have to cancel orders already placed, Reuters reported.

Availability of the flagship foldable was postponed last month, after issues were reported with the screens on the first batch of devices. The company said the move was intended to give it time to evaluate feedback and run further internal tests.

Samsung has now told US customers that, should it be unable to meet a shipping date of 31 May, it will cancel orders. This, it told Reuters, was to comply with US consumer regulations.

Galaxy Fold has been subject to several screen-related issues. In some cases, reviewers removed the top layer of the screen in the mistaken belief it was a protective cover. But the company also noted problems which could be associated with an impact on the top or bottom areas of the hinge, and where “substances found inside the device” impacted performance.

With Galaxy Fold being a niche device in the Samsung portfolio, the issue is unlikely to affect the company materially. And, while it is somewhat embarrassing for the South Korean company, it can also be seen as the peril of leading the market with an innovative new technology.



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