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Samsung suggests careful use of Galaxy Fold

23 SEP 2019

Samsung provided users with instructions on how to handle the Galaxy Fold, after the smartphone finally hit the shops earlier this month following a lengthy delay due to display issues.

In a video post, Samsung suggested users should be aware of the risks the device could be exposed to and how to prevent them.

When folding the device, for example, the vendor advised users not to place cards, coins or keys on the screen. It was also recommended owners touch the screen lightly and don’t press it with a hard or sharp object, such as a pen or a fingernail.

The smartphone maker added the device is engineered with an articulated spine “inspired by the precision of watch mechanics”, but is not water or dust resistant. The screen also comes with a protective film, meaning there is no need to add another.

“Your device contains magnets. Keep a safe distance between your device and objects that may be affected by magnets such as credit cards and implantable medical devices”, the company said, while also advising customers with embedded health devices to consult their doctor before using Galaxy Fold.

In April, Samsung had to postpone the release of the foldable after reviewers encountered problems relating to the unit’s screen and hinge mechanism.

However, it launched in its domestic market of South Korea earlier this month, followed by France, Germany, Singapore and the UK. A US launch is due this week.



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