Samsung sparks speculation with August event invite

Samsung sparks speculation with August event invite

29 JUL 2015

Samsung confirmed an event for 13 August, sparking speculation as to what the company is set to unveil. Two options are likely.

Firstly, it is possible that the South Korean handset giant will announce the next device in its Note line, Note 5. However, Samsung traditionally unveils new products in this line at IFA in September, meaning an earlier launch would mark a change from this strategy.

Mooted specifications for the new Note include a Samsung-made 64-bit octacore processor coupled with 4GB of RAM, 5.7-inch quad-HD display, and wireless charging. A new design, reflecting the styling cues of Galaxy S6, may also be in place.

Alternatively, it has been reported that the company is set to offer a large-screen “phablet” addition to its Galaxy S6 line, giving it two high-end, large screen devices. The differentiator is likely to be that the Note has stylus input, which the Galaxy S line does not.

Suggested features of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus include a 5.5-inch screen, meaning Note still has a slight sized advantage. Some reports said it will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor (as used in LG’s G4 and Motorola’s Moto X Style), while others report Samsung silicon.

Samsung’s decision to launch a big-screen smartphone in August is clearly an attempt to trump Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 Plus. The launch of Apple’s first big-screen device meant it moved in on what had largely been Samsung’s turf.

The Korea Herald said that the company is set to pour more marketing resources into Galaxy S6 Edge Plus than Note 5, with the latter focused more on markets where sales have previously been strong – such as South Korea and the US.

This, it was suggested, is also intended to enable the vendor to avoid too much cannibalisation of sales between the big screen smartphones.


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