Samsung set for Tizen smartphone update – report

Samsung set for Tizen smartphone update – report

17 APR 2015

Samsung is reported to be readying its next generation of Tizen-powered smartphones, including a device that will see a worldwide release.

While the update is likely to lead to a useful specification bump, it will not see the platform moving too far up the spec sheet.

According to Tizen Experts, first out of the gate will be Z2, a successor to the current Z1 (pictured), which is available in India and Bangladesh.

This device would feature a 32-bit quadcore processor with 1GB of RAM, 960×540 pixel display, and a new user interface which has commonalities with Samsung’s television UI – the vendor is also using Tizen in its smart TVs.

The current Z1 has a 800×480 pixel display, a dualcore processor, and 768MB of RAM.

Also promised are improved options for developers, with support for technologies “such as C++, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery mobile, and EPL”.

Following this would be an unnamed “global” device, with 4.8-inch HD (1280×720 pixel) screen, 2GB of RAM, and 8MP camera. This would also be supported by an international rollout of the Tizen app store.

In the smartphone space, there have been mixed reports about the success of Z1, Samsung’s first commercially-available Tizen device, with reports noting it is “increasing its popularity” in markets where it is available – although it still pales in comparison with Android-powered devices.

The device has been launched as a “value” proposition, presumably in order to mitigate its main drawback – weakness in the supporting content and apps ecosystem.


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