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Samsung mulling Galaxy Note 7 resurrection

22 FEB 2017

Samsung is looking to offer a revamped version of its troubled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in some markets, as a way of clearing inventory it is holding following the recall of the device last year.

According to Engadget, citing South Korean publications, the company has some 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices, after handsets were returned following its well documented issue with battery fires last year.

While the company could reasonably wish to move on from the whole issue, it would still have to dispose of the devices, while the hardware of the Note 7 would still result in an appealing large-screen smartphone.

The refurbed devices would have new cases and batteries with a lower capacity – hopefully avoiding the various issue seen with the first generation of the smartphone. They are also destined for markets such as India or Vietnam rather than high-profile regions such as the US or Europe.

After the Galaxy Note 7 issue, it will also be interesting to see if revamped versions pick up an alternative name in order to distance it from their inauspicious origin.


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