Samsung and LG set for tri-band LTE smartphone battle

Samsung and LG set for tri-band LTE smartphone battle

21 JAN 2015

Samsung and LG are set to compete over devices supporting three-band carrier aggregation, with the former likely to slightly beat the latter to the punch.

The technology allows devices to receive signals on three different LTE bands at the same time, delivering faster data download speeds – up to 300Mb/s.

According to etnews, Samsung could commercially release the new Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE as early as this week. LG Electronics will follow with the LG G Flex 2 (pictured) before the end of January 2015.

Operators in South Korea – the home market of the two device makers – are aggressively jumping on the LTE-A tri-band bandwagon, with a harsh war of words taking place about the status of services.

So far, services have been delivered using a limited number of subscribers, using limited numbers of the Samsung device.


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