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Samsung hunts for new suppliers as trade row rolls on

22 JUL 2019

Samsung agreed a battery supply deal with LG Electronics covering its upcoming Galaxy Note 10 and began searching for a new manufacturer for technology used in foldable displays, as it seeks to reduce the impact of an ongoing trade spat between South Korea and Japan, Korea Herald reported.

The newspaper reported Samsung had previously selected Japan-based manufacturer Sumitomo to supply films for foldable displays, but had now entered talks with domestic companies due to risks with relying on imports from Japan.

Samsung also apparently signed a deal with LG to supply batteries for the former’s flagship handsets for the first time, with materials used in its current supply chain thought to be too reliant on imports which could be impacted by tighter restrictions.

The news comes as diplomatic tensions between Japan and Korea continue to escalate. Earlier this month, the latter asked the US to step-in to help resolve differences between the two.

After a number of statements from both sides escalating the row and export restrictions already in place, Bloomberg reported US National Security Adviser John Bolton would visit delegations in both countries to discuss their issues.

US president Donald Trump also reportedly offered to step in if asked by both countries.



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