Samsung hits back at Galaxy Gear sales reports

Samsung hits back at Galaxy Gear sales reports

19 NOV 2013

Samsung reportedly said it has sold 800,000 of its Galaxy Gear smart watches in the first two months of availability, following earlier reports which put the figure closer to just 50,000.

According to Reuters, the South Korean electronics giant described the product as “the most sold” in its class, and that it intends to improve its appeal by increasing the number of mobile handsets which work with the product.

In some markets, Galaxy Gear is being sold in a bundle with Samsung’s high-end Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. It is also being heavily promoted in some markets.

Reports originating from Business Korea last week said that the vendor was only shifting 800 to 900 watches per day, with 100 sold in its native South Korea.

While the success of Galaxy Gear is notable in its own right, it is perhaps more important as a bellwether for the wearable computing market.

The arrival of Samsung to the market follows earlier efforts by vendors such as Sony, which have not set the world alight in terms of sales.

At the launch of its SmartWatch 2, which is actually its third generation product, Sony said that “over half a million customers” had bought its earlier products – it has not provided an update on its latest sales.

Smart watch start-up Pebble recently said that there are 190,000 of its devices in use.

Research firm Canalys previously forecast that smart watch shipments will reach 5 million in 2014.


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