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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 relaunch nears

28 JUN 2017

Samsung’s anticipated Galaxy Note 7 reboot is set for launch in South Korea early in July, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The company will make Galaxy Note 7 FE available via retailers and operators in its home market on 7 July, with “at most 400,000 devices made available”. For other international markets, a “relatively modest” supply will be available.

The report said FE is derived from “Fandom Edition”.

After Samsung’s well documented Galaxy Note 7 woes, including a global recall, the company was left with a significant inventory of devices and components which could not be used. However, by “remanufacturing” smartphones with different batteries, it can at least look to mitigate some of the financial damage – as well as addressing environmental concerns around the disposal of devices.

With Samsung expected to launch a new, high-end Note device in the near future, Note 7 FE will also put it in the interesting position of having a low-price, lower-spec smartphone available in the line. While the small number of devices being made available will limit the cannibalisation of the new device, it also gives the company the opportunity to offer a Note device for more price-sensitive customers – Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be unashamedly high-end.


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