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Samsung eyes June for Note 7 re-release – report

26 APR 2017

Samsung will apparently begin sales of refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices in South Korea at the end of June 2017, having swapped the batteries – which were responsible for its earlier recall – for smaller capacity units.

Following a large and embarrassing global recall of the device last year, the rumour mill ground into action to suggest the device may live to see another day. With the battery swapped for a less volatile unit (with capacity reduced to 3200mAh from 3500mAh), and a price cut of around $260 reported, the device could well still prove popular with buyers.

Samsung confirmed in March it was considering selling or renting refurbished Note 7 devices following pressure from environmental groups to recycle the returned handsets.

According to reports originating in South Korea, Samsung is still in talks with operators about pricing and branding, with reports the Note 7 name will again be used. With so much negative publicity following its original launch – including a ban by major airlines – Samsung could be forgiven for wanting to move on.

The earlier recall also means Samsung can access a plentiful supply of devices to refurbish, which otherwise would have to be written-off – adding further to the costs incurred by the original launch debacle. A relaunch will enable it to reduce this exposure, at least partially.

However, June is also close to the traditional launch window for a new Note smartphone. Earlier iterations have been introduced in August or September, with availability shortly afterward. With last year’s device still offering a competitive specification, especially coupled with a lower price, it will not be surprising if the Note 7 rebirth is a low-key affair – a figure of 300,000 units was mooted.


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