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Researchers crack secret to self-repairing screens

17 DEC 2020

A team of researchers at The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) reportedly claimed a breakthrough in screen protection, developing a method which enables cracked or damaged displays to repair themselves.

The Economic Times (ET) reported the team developed a colourless polyimide (CPI) display offering glass-like transparency and featuring a protective coating comprising linseed oil-filled microcapsules and silicone.

The newspaper added the approach could be particularly well suited to foldable devices due to inherent scratch resistance.

In a related article, Engineering and Technology explained CPI offers a high tensile strength and is already “widely used in consumer electronics”. The outlet stated when a screen is damaged, the linseed oil flows from the microcapsules to fill cracks.

Because the oil is “easily hardened at room temperature”, it can repair up to 95 per cent of damage “within just 20 minutes” under the right conditions, Engineering and Technology added.

It noted these characteristics mean linseed oil is already a popular choice for protecting works of art.

And it highlighted development of self-repairing screens could form a key element in cutting the growing problem of electronic waste, an issue the European Parliament prioritised last month as it cleared recommendations around improving mobile phone repair processes.



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